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Single Gang Plastic Box

The 1 gang flush plastic installation box that revolutionized the electrical installation of a building for sockets and electrical equipment 


With built-in pipe inserts, the 4 moving support positions for the final product for easy alignment. Covered inserts to protect against contact with the screws and protective caps accelerate the placement and termination process.

With the two opposite jacks, you can connect 2 or more boxes without using additional accessories or simply terminate pipes.


Material:  ABS

Depth: 37mm

Width: 74mm

Length: 74mm

Inputs   :               2 positions for 16mm pipe (plastic or flexible)

                                4 positions for 20mm pipe (plastic or flexible)

Provisions on side and rear to import more insertions using component AP2016 or AP2020



IEC 60670-22:2003 (1st Edition) with IEC 60670-1:2002 (1st Edition) + corrigendum 2003 and/or EN 60670-22:2006 with EN 60670-1:2005 + corr.2010 + A1:2013, IEC 61386-21:2002 (1st Edition) used in conjunction with IEC 61386-1:2008 (2nd Edition), EN 61386-21:2004 used in conjunction with EN 61386-1:2008, IEC 62321:2008 (ed.1)