Excellence is the main feature of our products!

Connection Box AP3001
AP 1016
Geothermal Clip D32
APP Plastics Ltd introduces itself as one of the largest manufacturers, distributors and Cexporters of onduit Accessories and Electrical Fittings all over Cyprus and abroad.
Our manufacturing plant is equipped to make all our products in-house rightfrom conversion to the final product.Our range of products has over the past years become synonymous with the Conduit and Electrical Accessories in the Cyprus market. We have two Cyprus Patent Products that we are proud of, the one is the plastic conduit box and the other is the Plastic Adaptor.
Quality Assurance
Quality has always been our priority. In order to assure best quality, all the tests are conducted in house as per the European Standards, on a regular basis. The tests are conducted by our qualified engineers.
Excellence is the main feature
of our products